*Attention Successful Business Women and Entrepreneurs
(and yes!  that includes Health Care Professionals with practices and businesses
 ie - Nurses, Therapists, Coaches, Bodyworkers, Healers)

How to Use Online Video
to Get More Clients!!
(surprise! - very little technical knowledge needed!)

"Give Me Just 2 Days. . .

and I'll Give You the Formula and Tools You Need for Turning Your Expertise and Knowledge Into an Online Business with Video that can Generate Income and Help You to Touch More People with Your Work!"

After almost FOUR YEARS of teaching the
 "Intro to Internet Marketing" Course via Teleseminars . . .

. . .I am making this Very Popular Program available
LIVE . . .

. . .so you can see
IN-PERSON for yourself and learn the
"How To's" and Online Secrets
to getting yourself and your work on the internet using video so you can get more clients (and


Watch a quick video message from Marilee
where she reveals a very special
surprise portion of this course......

You heard her   ...........
the best part about this LIVE Training~

Your Own Brand New Free Video Camera! 

You will learn first hand how to shoot and upload VIDEO
with your very own Video Camera that comes with taking this course!!

You are Guaranteed to
Learn How to Shoot and Upload Video

You will be given Your Very Own Video Camera to take home





JOIN ME..........

May 22nd and 23rd, in Mount Laurel, New Jersey
(20 minutes from Philadelphia International Airport)

Marriott Courtyard
Fellowship Road and Rte 73
Saturday / Sunday 9 am to 5 pm

Dear Friend,

I am glad you are reading this because I know if you are anything like me - you are
looking for a way to be part of the positive changes in the world and you want to stay
on top of your game.  You also want to improve the quality of your life and still give
great care to your clients - all while fulfilling your purpose!

Much of this 'Paradigm Shift' and 'New Way of Being in the World' is about how people are
accessing information, sharing services, and doing business in the new economy.
Like it or not - its all about the Internet. 

If you are not participating on the Internet . . . you are losing out - in many ways.

Don't have time for it, you say?  Well - listen up - that is no longer an excuse because
there are so many ways to leverage yourself now on the internet. . . .

. . . you can do the things you love and your internet business is working for you!

Do you know you can set yourself up so that your business is working for you
24/7 and you are NOT sitting in front of your computer all day.

It's like having an electronic staff working for you - all the time!

This Intro to Internet Marketing LIVE course is set up for you to learn - in a very LOW-TECH
manner - different ways that you can share your information online - to get more business
and create more income.

You will see First Hand - through demonstration on the Internet Live




You Will Be Shown How To:

  Set Up Your Blog 

  Write Articles

  Send Press Releases

  Create Newsletters

  Choose a Shopping Cart

  Build and Store a Database

  Use Social Networking Sites
    like Facebook and Twitter


  Use Video (and we'll talk about Audio too!)

And because you will have your laptop with you -  you will learn how to download the videos
you will be recording on your brand new camera - and then uploading them to You Tube!

*This is an Experiential Class -  Hands-On!

High Touch - Low Tech !


(*This is an experiential class but NOT a technical training - basic computer skills are necessary -
Please know >> there will be no geeks running around adjusting your computers!)


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This specialized training has very limited space.

There is only room for 24 people and there are already spaces reserved . . .

This training is on a
"First Come - First Serve" Basis. 

This is the ONLY TRAINING like this anywhere -
so Jump on this Opportunity NOW. . .
while there is still space available!


Read what past participants have to say about Marilee's Internet Marketing Trainings:

Thank you for a wonderful and worthwhile course. I have practiced internal, preventive, and addiction medicine for over 30 years. I am well trained and credentialed in conventional medicine, and have a special interest and expertise in integrative medicine including use of essential oils and acupuncture. Because of a serious back problem, I was out of commission for awhile and now that I'm back I must choose carefully what I spend my time on. As a physician my goal is to empower people to be as healthy as they can as naturally as possible.

I've got lots of good information to share, but needed help sharing with a wider audience and getting myself out there. I knew the internet might be helpful but it was an unknown, a mystery, to me. That is, until I took your Introduction to Internet Marketing Course. The course opened up a whole new world of internet marketing. It broadened my perspective, and I'll never be the same again! I heard this analogy once, but don't remember the source: it was like going from viewing one's world as the inside an airplane cabin to viewing it as the universe!

E. Joan Barice, MD, MPH

Hear Joan's Audio Testimonial

The course was just the thing I needed! You shared exactly what I needed to know, but didn't know where to start. You made it fascinating, fun, easy, understandable and it was filled to the brim with valuable, useful information. More than I could possibly apply at once, but best of all, available to review again anytime I wanted to in the future, as well as an invitation to attend future classes without charge. And plenty to whet the appetite for more. You generously shared your knowledge - you are a great teacher! Thanks for being accessible during the course - you were a big help to me. The interaction with the class was also a plus. You brought in terrific experts we needed to know about and learn from. Now I have an internet presence, and the tools I need to grow in internet marketing in the future. Marilee, thank you so much for offering this course. I'm so glad I took it, and I highly recommend it to others.

I was the different one in the group. Most of our class participants were holistic nurses, doctors, YL distributors, and those involved in healing modalities. Although I do practice “hands-on-healing,” and I am a YL distributor, and a Reiki Master, those modalities were not my main focus of wanting to do internet marketing. I have been a corporate trainer for the past 20 years. I want to take the programs I designed for businesses and facilitate those programs for individuals on the internet through what I call teletraining programs. I wasn’t sure Marilee’s program would benefit me, but because I trust her so much, I took her advice and signed up. It was the best thing I could possibly do for my “new career.” The activities and the professional guests were the best I have encountered, and that’s quite a compliment coming from a peer trainer. I will encourage anyone and everyone to sign up for this class!!!!!! Thank you, Marilee. You have a vested interest now in my success!!!
Karen Belyan

Karen Belyan

Listen to Karen's testimonial

Dear Marilee,
I have spent thousands of dollars learning, or trying to learn, how this business of information marketing works. I have been face to face with experts and highly successful internet marketers. But your course was the best. What made it unique from my experience was that it was really directed towards people who generally do not have a background in self-promotion. In fact, those of us from a healthcare background struggle with ethics and legally on top of the whole complex field of marketing and using the new technologies to our advantage. You had a team of experts which were top notch but you and the other participants made it really happen because of the profoundness of your questions. These questions became the "translator" from the wonderful world of high tech to the world of a healer. And, the approach with the topics was systematic. In addition, your speakers recognized that one cannot just leap in at the top of the mountain and outlined the beginning steps. Marilee, your teaching, as usual, is excellent and you have tapped a niche that needs you! I would encourage any healers wanting to stretch into information marketing to absolutely take your course first!
Many thanks,
Maggie Burgisser

Maggie Burgisser, RDH, MAA, CC, CFSP
Voorhees, NJ
Healthy Images, LLC

Listen to Maggie's testimonial

"This course was mind-blowing! There was so much great information, phenomenal presenters. . .really world-class presenters.  It just opened up a whole new world to me that I didn't know was available to me!  As a holistic practitioner I shied away from technology, I thought that was for the geeks and the wiz kids, this course really taught me that it is not so scary after all. . . I learned I can in fact do it myself and it is going to help me spread the word about my work.  I've been blogging since the first class which is really exciting, I'm working on writing some articles and press releases, and eventually I think I'm going to learn everything in the class.  It has been a great experience and to be able to do it sitting at home in my study with my little dog in my lap - it just doesn't get much better than that - and having the calls available afterwards was a huge help too because I found the calls were so jammed packed with information I just wanted to listen to it again.  Thanks again Marilee for making this information available - especially for those of us in the holistic community who never thought we could use the internet in these many ways. And, you said as alumnae we get to listen in again for free - I have to say that is the icing on the cake - thank you so much for a wonderful learning experience." 

Darby Mackenzie Line, BA, MAJ, CMT
Owner, Full Circle Family Massage & Healing Center
Young Living Distributor
Princeton, New Jersey

.Listen to Darby's testimonial.

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 3 - CD Set
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This is an amazing 3 Step Process to make your own products!
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 6 Hour Webinar Training
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bullet How to make money with your teleseminars
bullet You will be introduced to an amazing program that can record, store, create MP3's, and even turn your recording into a podcast!
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Did you hear Marilee say in the video that this is probably the LAST TIME
she will be offering Internet Marketing Courses?


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